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Plakat wydarzenia Wiosenne porządki w Przejście Dialogu


Apr 04 2024


09:00 - 17:00

“Spring Cleanup” with the Od Podszewki. Clothing Swap at Passage of Dialogue

With the start of April, we would like to invite you all, April 4-6, to a ‘spring cleanup’ of your wardrobe together with the ‘Od podszewki’ collective at Passage of Dialogue! There will be a clothing swap and workshop to help us be more attentive and conscious consumers.

The first part of the “Spring Cleanup” will be a clothing swap. It’s a great opportunity to give a second life to your unwanted items and take something you like!

How it works. Bring one or more clothes or accessories that you want farewell to the Passage of Dialogue. Hang them on a hanger or place them on a table next to you. Check out the things brought by others, you may come back with new things. Remember that things should be clean and in good condition!

A series of events will take place in the municipal space in the Passage of Dialogue, 19 Świdnicka Street.

4-5 April 2024 (Thursday, Friday), 9 am -5 pm
6 April 2024 (Saturday), 10 am-4 pm

As part of the “Spring Cleanup” initiative, there will be a workshop on Saturday 6 March entitled ‘I Know What I Wear, or Find Out What You Wear And Buy’, read more!

“Spring Cleanup” at Passage of Dialogue. About the Project

A group of three high school girls working to raise awareness of what everyone wears, buys, what it’s made of and how it’s made, by acting in the media and showing the world clothes from the inside out.

The project is run as part of the Zwolnieni z Teorii (Exempt from Theory) Olympiad. For more on the project, click!

The event is finished.