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Przejście Dialogu

Przejście Dialogu (Passage of Dialogue) is a municipal public space for meetings and social activities in the heart of Wrocław. We invite residents and new inhabitants to participate in cultural, integration and educational events. We host an information point and educational activities for newcomers to Wrocław.


Zaproszenie na zajęcia konwersacyjne z j. angielskiego - Let's talk about.." Druga edycja. Plakat przedstawia nazwę wydarzenia, opis oraz datę. po środku rozmieszczony kolaż z dymek i czarno-białych zdjęć ludzi. Na dole logotypy.

Let’s talk about… 2.0. A series of conversational meetings in English.

NEWS! We are opening enrolment for the autumn edition  conversation meetings in English – “Let’s talk about… 2.0”. 🗣️ „Let’s Talk About” is a series of conversational meetings in English. Unusual, because they concern important, social, urban topics. ___ ❔This season the topics will be revolving around online culture. Let’s talk about…

Try yourself in Microgrants!

Have a great idea for a social project? Try yourself in Microgrants! Microgrants are a city-wide program supporting local initiatives. It helps residents – including those with migration and refugee experiences – to implement their ideas for social actions in Wrocław. Microgrants and Wrocław Institute of Culture, in collaboration with…

Everything you need to know about getting a permanent residence in Poland.

Do you have Polish roots or the Pole’s Card? Or are you married to a Polish citizen? Or maybe you’re considering the possibility of obtaining permanent residence for your child?  Come to the free WroMigrant workshop titled “Everything you need to know about getting a permanent residence in Poland” and…

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