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Z góry dziewczynka na karuzeli, na dole droga ze znakiem "Childhood", tetris, guma do żucia, chłopczyk trzyma kwiaty za plecami i stoi przed uśmiechniętą dziewczynką. Po środku napis: Let's talk about vol. 3"

New edition! “Let’s talk about… vol.3. Childhood memories”

  What’s something special you remember from your childhood? Was it when you lost your first tooth? Was it when you first learned how to ride a bike? Or maybe your best memories are connected to your family or school life? On the third edition of „Let’s Talk About” (a series of conversational meetings in English, unusual, because they concern important, social, urban topics) let’s revisit our childhood memories and talk about all… Read More »New edition! “Let’s talk about… vol.3. Childhood memories”