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Let’s Talk About is a series of conversational meetings in English.

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🗣️ „Let’s Talk About” is a series of conversational meetings in English. Unusual, because they concern important, social, urban topics.


How is life in the city? What are the advantages and disadvantages of city living? What is our urban identity? What does our daily commute to work, school or university look like? What are 15-minute city, how to design a city well and how to co-decide about its changes?

By participating in the meetings, you will develop your language skills, learn new vocabulary, meet and talk to people from different backgrounds, of different ages, different views.

📅 Meetings take place every Tuesday at 17:30


We discuss important topics, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Communicative knowledge of English is welcome, but your commitment and point of view are the most important.

Meetings are free, registration is required 👉

Registration is applicable for the entire series of workshops (May-July 2023). If you are unable to attend some of them please let us know by email:

Registration for the series "Let's talk about..." is now closed.

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