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Let’s wrap up the year! Passage of Dialogue

Zespół Przejście Dialogu
Let’s start with the statistics 📊
In 2023, the Passage of Dialogue was visited by more than 11,500 people. It’s a bummer we can’t hug every one of you!
There were 483 events, including 441 partner events and 42 author events, which is our record to date. Over 7204 people attended events organised by us or in collaboration with partners.
Over 3000 people attended WroMigrant consultation in partnership with OIRP Wrocław – Okręgowa Izba Radców Prawnych we Wrocławiu
✅ We had a great summer: walking around Wroclaw with Krystyna Podolian, creating our personal comics about the city, travelling around the world during art workshops with the Freya Foundation … but also going beyond the Passage and being a guest on neighbourhood picnics.
✅ The autumn events centred around language (although not exclusively). We chose „Pokaż mi język!” (show me the language) as the season’s slogan. Although usually associated with an uncultured gesture, we used it consciously and in spite of it – to point out the power of language and our voice. The programme included the popular and much-loved English Speaking Club “Let’s talk about..2.0”, Hebrew language workshops, the Festival of Independent Belarusian Culture with the Fundacja Za Wolność Waszą i Naszą (Foundation „For Yours and Our Freedom”), an interesting talk on inclusive language with Mateusz Adamczyk. We also heard what Cameroon sounds like during a meeting with the Polish-African band Blueverest. And a group of female participants quickly gathered for a vocal therapy class with Akvaleria.
✅ We know how important language learning is for integration. That is why in the second half of the year we organised 5 different series of Polish language courses for diverse audiences, attended by around 150 people. We hosted a large group of Polish organisations and people working socially and/or multiculturally (e.g. the Batory Foundation, the Homo Faber Foundation, the Non Licet Foundation, the College of Europe).
✅ We have also launched „Laboratorium Społeczne” (Social laboratory), in cooperation with University of Wroclaw, which aims to provide students with the opportunity to work with intercultural dialogue practitioners, read more:…/laboratorium-spoleczne/ .
✅ At the end of the year, we organized „Zimowe cuda w Przejściu Dialogu” (Winter Wonderland at the Passage of Dialogue), a series of Christmas workshops for families with children.
🫶We could not have organized all of this without you – the inhabitants of multicultural Wroclaw. We would like to thank all the participants, as well as everyone who came to Passage of Dialogue this year. We feel a lot of energy and strength to make next year even better!
📲💌If you would like to give us feedback or put in a good word, you can do so here: google-opinii or on Facebook – we would be delighted.
See you in 2024👏
Forever Yours Passage of Dialogue Team!