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24.04 | Legalisation of stay in Poland due to studies

Hey there, students! Feeling overwhelmed by the topic of legalisation? Join us for an informational meeting and master the ABCs...
Plakat wydarzenia Wiosenne porządki w Przejście Dialogu

“Spring Cleanup” with the Od Podszewki. Clothing Swap And Workshop on Conscious Consumption at Passage of Dialogue

  With the start of April, we would like to invite you all, April 4-6, to a ‘spring cleanup’ of...
Grafika do spotkania informacyjnego "Pobyt stały w Polsce", wersja EN

20.02 | Getting a permanent residence permit in Poland

Do you have Polish roots or a Pole’s Card? Are you married to a Polish citizen? Or perhaps, are you...
Z góry dziewczynka na karuzeli, na dole droga ze znakiem "Childhood", tetris, guma do żucia, chłopczyk trzyma kwiaty za plecami i stoi przed uśmiechniętą dziewczynką. Po środku napis: Let's talk about vol. 3"

New edition! “Let’s talk about… vol.3. Childhood memories”

  What’s something special you remember from your childhood? Was it when you lost your first tooth? Was it when...
Grafika do wpisu o konsultacjach Mikrograntów

Microgrants | Consultations 31.01, 07.02

The 1st сall is launched for the Microgrants programme! Between February, 1 and February, 15 submit your idea for integration...
Zespół Przejście Dialogu

Let’s wrap up the year! Passage of Dialogue

Let’s start with the statistics   In 2023, the Passage of Dialogue was visited by more than 11,500 people. It’s...